Are you prepared for a visit from a person entering with, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” ??? You may think you are but for many you’ve been resting on your laurels and are about to get the surprise of the decade.

In the past several years, the visits from state EPA inspectors has had the tone of “we’re here from the government to help you” and they have given you “suggestions” and slaps on the wrist and cajoled you to behave yourselves, obey the law and trusted that you would reform.

For those who took this warning as what it was – a warning that would eventually turn into a hammer – you’ve dodged a bullet. For those who didn’t believe they’d come back to visit you – you may discover you were delusional and perhaps I should offer to sell you some undiscovered tourist attraction in the hills of Kentucky that will make you millions???

So this visit by your EPA inspector isn’t quite the same as the one back a few years ago is it? No – the state EPAs have discovered that the economy has largely recovered and they’ve taken a look at regulatory performance and a look at their coffers (no doubt) and decided to put a bit of teeth into their visits.

So now when you have a visit from the EPA, you no longer see an informal 3 part form left with inked in suggestions but rather a foreboding notation that foreshadows a bad day in your not too distant future. You will go to bed thinking that you’ve dodged another speeding ticket because the inspector was perhaps too tired to write another non-compliance report.…

Then one rainy day six months from now you will open your mail to see a Notice of Violation along with a Proposed Consent Decree and monetary penalty (aka fine). You will think to yourself, “was I there for this visit? I don’t remember the inspector being upset with me.” He or she wasn’t upset – they’re just doing their job. So no matter that you thought she/she was pleasant and liked you, they still will turn your violations in for regulatory review and legal repercussions.

So what do you do now? Or if this has yet to occur in your corner of the world…. What can you do to prevent it happening to you?
Stay tuned for a series of Blogs designed to deal with what to do when the helper from the government gives you more than you bargained for. For those still under the radar – we will also talk about things you can do to prevent that next visit from ending like the one I’ve just detailed. Yes, you can prevent this outcome and you can be victorious! We are from ECS and we are here to help! We are on your side and we will help you stay legal and still be able to make your products!