Exceptional Course Material

You need OSHAEPAISO or DOT Hazmat training and ECS can help. We provide courses customized to your specific needs: detailed when needed and overview when needed. Courses are available as off-site, digital resources (DVD presentations) and on-site live training

We’ve also developed a series of courses you can access online through a Learning Management System (LMS) where you will be able to learn at your own pace, take prerequisites and then bring someone for shorter in-site training to fill in needed live training.

Engaging Classes

Research shows that many adults do not learn best in a conventional classroom environment.  In many corporate environments, staff is not accustomed to the classroom regimen and may not have adequate reading comprehension skills to take standardized tests.

We at ECS believe training, especially for adults, should be fun.  People learn best when they’re in a fun and interactive environment. This reduces the fatigue and boredom often associated with adult education and creates a fun, low-pressure learning environment.

Through a mix of original stories, role playing, hands-on activities and gameshow-style questions we increase learning and long-term retention for your staff.