Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

Are you tired of worrying about when your internal audits will be completed? Yes, you may have trained internal auditors but auditing is not their full time job.  Getting their time and energy focused on your ISO system is not always a priority.  And then there’s the auditors who you paid $2000 to get trained and they moved to a new position and are no longer available to you.  And finally, there’s your seasoned auditors who have diligently supported your management system for years but who are now reaching retirement age.  What now?

What if you had another option?  What if that option meant that you no longer had to train your auditors or even beg their manager for audit time?  What if the only thing you had to do is pick up the phone or send an email and you had access to professional auditors that would appear at your site, get the audits complete, document a professional report and leave you with clear objective evidence of how your system was functioning?

Well, that option is available to you right now!  ECS Audit and Compliance Services specializes in coming to our client’s sites and identifying the risks to your organization as well as looking for the opportunities to help you succeed.

With over 40 years combined ISO experience, and over 55 years combined environmental, health and safety experience, our team of expert consultants keep up with the regulatory trends, quality system standards and necessary paperwork so you can focus your staff efficiently.

Our consultants have been helping firms both big and small to comply with  ISOEPA,  OSHA and DOT Hazmat regulations. We believe in going the extra mile, providing our clients with tips from the perspective of business owners and offering practical guidance in classes and even mentoring.

Our staff don’t rest on their laurels, keeping up with the newest shifts and trends in the industry. You can be sure, when hiring ECS, you’re getting the freshest, most relevant auditors for your company.