Many of you have probably just received an email from the federal EPA website (CDX) announcing that the TRI reporting season is now open.  This means that between now and June 30, 2013 we’ll need to start collecting 2012 manufacturing and purchasing data for your TRI reportable chemicals.  For those clients who process their own TRI reports, we advise that you not wait until the last week to submit your reports.  CDX gets bogged down and slows down substantially (as well as locks up and kicks you off).

For those clients who take the easy path and have ECS process your TRI reports, we will be emailing and calling you to start collecting the annual data in the next week or so.  We anticipate actively starting on reports in late March.  For those companies who formerly reported TRI data but have not in the past few years, we will do a production review to ensure if reporting is necessary for 2012.  It is the company’s obligation to review the reporting requirements each year and document whether a submittal is required.

If you are not familiar with TRI reporting and your company has never reviewed its obligations under this federal requirement, feel free to give ECS a call and discuss your company’s situation.  Don’t wait until June to review the requirements for your organization.  In the event filing is required, forms must be completed authorizing ECS to submit data on your company’s behalf and that takes 1-2 weeks to process.  It’s always best to begin looking at your situation between March and May.

We look forward to serving our clients with their TRI reporting needs.  If we can assist you please give us a call at (812) 945-1541.