Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

With over 25 years combined ISO experience, and over 55 years combined environmental, health and safety experience, our team of expert consultants keep up with the regulatory trends, quality system standards and necessary paperwork so you can focus your staff efficiently.

Our consultants have been helping firms both big and small to comply with OSHAISOEPA and DOT Hazmat regulations. We believe in going the extra mile, providing our clients with tips from the perspective of business owners and offering practical guidance in classes and even mentoring.

Our staff don’t rest on their laurels, keeping up with the newest shifts and trends in the industry. You can be sure, when hiring ECS, you’re getting the freshest, most relevant auditors for your company

Internal Auditing & Compliance Auditing

Research shows that many adults do not learn best in a conventional classroom environment.  In many corporate environments, staff is not accustomed to the classroom regimen and may not have adequate reading comprehension skills to take standardized tests.

With rampant retirements, medical issues and lack of interest and/or skill in being internal auditors, it is becoming more prevalent to outsource internal audits. It’s not uncommon to spend $2000-$4000 to train internal auditors in one or more ISO standards, lose a week to outside training and then have the new auditor either leave the company, transfer to a new position with no available audit time or the newly trained auditor is resistant to schedule time to audit.  Why not consider spending that money to have a high-quality professional audit that you don’t have to worry about maintaining or coercing to get the audits complete?

There are many soft costs associated with using your employees as internal auditors.  On top of the cost of maintaining training, the auditors must audit regularly to maintain their skills.  This means that the organization is either getting a poor internal audit done “on the fly” or the auditor’s regular job is not being completed.  Have you ever considered that poor internal audits equate to painful 3rd party (registrar) audits?  As former 3rd party auditors, we can tell you that most Major Non-Conformities could have been addressed much earlier if the site had a good internal audit program.  Think about the costs of extra 3rd party audit days and the stress of having Major Non-Conformities.  What if having professional internal audit services could have eliminated both?

ECS offers professional internal auditor services for ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 18001:2007, 45001:2018, RCMS and RC14001.  We are full time, certificated auditors who stand ready to assist you with your internal audits, mentoring to a new standard, realigning your existing management system and we also offer environmental compliance audits. 

Not only can we audit these schemes separately,
but we are also skilled in conducting integrated audits –
which is the trend in management systems.