Maureen Ross Pococke

Internal Auditor & Certificate Guru

Maureen has over 25 years with all facets of management systems. (16 years in the chemical industry and 9 years as a contract auditor for a certification accreditation body).

Experience includes a broad variety of duties such as designing and implementing internal audit programs for a Fortune 500 company, training programs for internal auditing and understanding the various standards, management representative for a variety of areas in the organization, team member for implementing a global, multisite certificate for the organization Her special areas of expertise include: management system audits, design of management systems, identifying workplace hazards, change management, corrective actions, and significant aspects. Maureen’s exposure to a broad variety of industries allows her points of reference to many clients’ industry-specific requirements.

Maureen can assist clients in understanding the intent of ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO45001, RC14001, and RCMS certification guidelines maintaining the importance for assuring the management system supports overall business goals. Recognizing that meaningful and sustainable management systems can be implemented in a variety of ways, Maureen works toward providing direction for establishing a management system that supports the client’s business goals and the requirements of the standard.

Another aspect of management systems that Maureen can provide assistance is integrating multiple schemes for one system. She has had personal experience with establishing an integrated system and with the recent upgrade to the ISO standards, it is more easily achievable.

Areas of Experience

Types of industries –
Maureen’s clients span a wide cross section of industrial, service and healthcare firms. General industrial categories include chemical, pulp & paper, automotive, aerospace, construction machinery, military support industries, process coating, tool and die, electronics, plating, stamping, plastics companies and more. In addition to industrial manufacturing clients, Maureen is also familiar with food processing, industrial hygiene service industries, chemical research and development laboratories, analytical laboratories, laboratory testing instrumentation, training services, healthcare research laboratories, and GMP manufacturing for personal care and healthcare products.

Statement of Qualifications

Maureen can support:

ISO Topic Expertise

  • 14001:2015

  • 18001:2008

  • 9001:2015

  • 45001:2018

  • RC14001:2015

  • RCMS:2013

  • Consulting for certificate transitions

  • Mentoring for new ISO coordinators

  • Internal Auditor Training Programs

Work Experience

  • Contractor Lead Auditor for BSI for 9 years. ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, OSHAS 18001:2007, RC14001:2015, and RCMS:2013 Lead Auditor
  • Dow Corning Corp. for 32 years:
  • Quality/RC systems management, Quality leader, Product document reviewer, GMP coordinator, project leader, Quality engineer, Quality assurance lab leader, analytical chemist, biologist, Trainer
  • Material characterization chemist, freight billing (automotive) 1 year
  • Retail clerk, 2 years
  • Substitute teacher 1 year
  • Quality Improvement coach (IPIP Healthcare) 1 year

Education / Certifications / Training

  • BS Chemistry/Biology Northern Michigan University 1975
  • MA Chemistry Northern Michigan University 1977
  • RABQSA Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor Certificate # 2760
  • BEAC CPEA-RC ID # 210569 (Covers RC14001/RCMS/ISO14001)
  • BSI EMS Lead Auditor
  • BSI Responsible Care Lead Auditor (RC14001/RCMS)
  • BSI QMS/OHSAS Lead Auditor
  • BSI Lead Auditor 45001